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Father Coughlin

During his time in the public eye, Father Charles Coughlin became one of the most revered figures in the Depression era of American history. Known for delving into politics more frequently than religious matters, Father Coughlin was never shy about preaching his version of the truth to anyone, be they loyal listeners or otherwise.

His life was sometimes more a chaotic game of checkers rather than a calculating game of chess, as he found viewpoints and mind changes came easily. Still, Coughlin always managed to wholeheartedly follow and voice his beliefs, even if they were damaging to his career, professional or personal.

Father Coughlin's radio show started in the 1920s and his career continued well into the 1960s, before a culmination of anti-Semitic and anti-capitalist views – topped off by sympathetic leanings towards the Nazi regime – ultimately warranted the man's return to duty-bound obscurity.

Throughout his life, Coughlin was a polarizing figure. His writingsquotesradio broadcasts, and viewpoints of the world are now the stuff of American legend – good or bad.

Father Coughlin in Perspective Today

In today's America, Father Coughlin would be considered somewhat of a paradox. Although many of his estimations – such as fiscal irresponsibility causing the Great Depression – have been deemed by history as accurate, his unwavering faith in God and the Catholic religion would work to make him a social pariah whom no one would take seriously when voicing political advice.

The bygone era in which Coughlin's voice was heard the clearest seems thousands of years removed from modern society, yet remains so close you can almost hear the cries of war and hunger if you choose to listen carefully.

There will never be another Father Coughlin in America, or the entire world. His is a long-dead voice in a free country, rarely resurrected by those who wish to harness the power of his commitment and dedication.

In this website, you will learn about Father Charles Coughlin; his journey and devotion to himself, his country, and all of mankind. You will gain insight to his views and stances, and learn how his controversial broadcasts were too much for the times.

Father Coughlin's story is told, not in a brief section of a website, but in the cracks and crevices of American culture. His influence has been profound in shaping standards in radiopoliticsreligion, and American families.