Throughout history, there has been no greater example of the power of radio than Father Charles Coughlin's radio show of the Depression-Era 1900s. Although his show started as a weekly sermon, touching on aspects of God and family and mostly catering to children and young adults, it quickly became evident that Coughlin had a mind for politics, and a tongue without a filter. He began expressing forward views on America's social reform.

Coughlin was outspoken against many atrocities in his own country – including the Ku Klux KlanThe KKK planned to "punish" Coughlin for his brazen speech – but it was the Soviet Union that bore the brunt of the Father's fury. Coughlin stated that the communist government had purposely made a divorce easy and that this idea of an anti-family was quickly making its way to the states. He referred to this as the "Bolshevism of America."


  1. My family's view of Father Coughlin is more personal. My Grandfather, Peter Walsh, was a devout Catholic and founding member of St. Rita's Parish in Detroit. During the Depression, he went door to door in Royal Oak, offering to shovel snow for money. He had small children and a wife to feed. He made the mistake of knocking on Fr. Coughlan's rectory door. The Priest had him thrown in jail.


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